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About Us

At SK Life Science Labs, we believe targeted protein degradation (TPD) will change the future of oncology and immunology. Together, our leadership team has more than 120 years of R&D experience in drug discovery and development.

SK Life Science Labs is a subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals, a company focused on developing innovative, next-generation drugs. Both are part of SK Group, a global conglomerate with headquarters in Korea, a leader in energy, chemical, semiconductor, and telecommunications industries, and one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to the discovery and development of degrader medicines that will treat debilitating diseases to improve the lives of patients.

Values Define Us

At SK Life Science Labs, we aim to embody our core values. Together, we are…

  • Driven: We are a tenacious team committed to push the limits in the TPD field and think boldly about what is possible to bring innovative medicines to patients.
  • Collaborative: We work across disciplines by listening and considering ideas with an open mind, leveraging our diverse skill set to succeed as a team.
  • Resourceful: We are solutions-oriented and proactive; we anticipate and overcome obstacles by rapidly improvising and adapting to changing circumstances.
  • Rigorous: We make data driven decisions by being curious, evaluating critically, triangulating inputs, and promoting debate.

We are committed to changing the future of oncology and immunology.

Integrated Platforms & Development Candidates
Discovery Programs
120+ Years
Combined leadership team drug discovery & development experience in R&D

SK Life Science Labs: A History of Discovery

SK Life Science Labs is a subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals. Together, we are focused on developing innovative, next-generation drugs. Both are part of SK Group, a global conglomerate with headquarters in Korea.

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Proteovant Therapeutics formed upon acquisition of degrader portfolio from Prof. Shaomeng Wang’s Lab of U. Michigan

A Global Presence

SK Life Science Labs is a subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd., and part of SK Group—a global conglomerate investing in game-changing businesses in industries that include life sciences, semiconductors, and sustainable energy.

SK: Our parent company’s global reach

SK Biopharmaceuticals: Gyeonggi, South Korea.
Learn about our global headquarters.

SK Life Science Labs: A subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals

Our Focus

We are a discovery and development company with a precision medicine approach for oncology and immunology.

SK Group Key Facts

Second largest conglomerate in Korea (2021)1
Founded in 1953 (textiles)2
SK is investing more than $50 billion in U.S. businesses
SK is ranked #129 on the Fortune Global 500
Number of global partners and affiliates2

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Established Sunkyoung Textiles

Our Goal

Impact human health by breaking through the limits of TPD and expanding access to disease targets.

Partnering Opportunities

  • PVTX-405 has the potential to be a Best-in-Class IKZF2 Molecular Glue Degrader
  • GLP-Tox Scale-Up Ready and Orally Available
  • Treg destabilization leads to efficacy in combination with Immuno-Oncology agents
  • PVTX-321 ER Heterobifunctional Degrader couples potent degradation with enhanced antagonism for the treatment of breast cancer
  • GLP-Tox Scale-Up Ready and Orally Available
  • Discovery stage p300 selective degrader has First-in-Class potential
  • Orally available heterobifunctional degrader spares highly related paralog, CBP
  • Under investigation for the treatment of CBP Mutant Cancer & mCRPC with improved therapeutic margin
  • Discovery stage STAT3 heterobifunctional degrader with Best-In Class Potential
  • Multiple possible indications across immunology, oncology, and immuno-oncology
  • Orally available and selective SMARCA2 heterobifunctional degrader
  • Selective over SMARCA4 for the treatment of SMARCA4 mutant cancers
  • MOlecular Proximity Enabled Detection (MOPED™) is an innovative platform for glue discovery
  • Expands access to target biology accessible by TPD
  • Enables target & E3 agnostic glue discovery at scale through Emerald and Sapphire workflows


Pushing innovation forward together

More can be done when we come together. We are always looking for partnerships with universities, government organizations, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies who share our pioneering spirit of discovery.

Ethics & Compliance Program

Our goal is to conduct business and promote our products in an informed, compliant manner.

Please check back shortly for updates regarding our SK Life Science Labs Compliance and Ethics Program information.


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